Our Leadership Team

Professor Allan Bradley


Allan is a world-renowned researcher and entrepreneur.  He is Emeritus Director of the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, and was responsible for transitioning its high-throughput genome-sequencing infrastructure into an academic genome centre with a focus on primary research.  Central to this transition was the creation of a mouse genome-engineering research program leading to discoveries and techniques for humanizing mouse immune systems.  These proprietary technologies formed the foundation in 2010 of Kymab Ltd.  Kymab was conceived as a platform-to-product company, where the first few years were focused on building the platform.  Kymab have used this platform to discover novel human antibody therapeutics that it has validated pre-clinically and is now testing the first of these in human clinical trials. 

In his academic role, Allan has published widely in high impact journals and is a respected expert in the monoclonal antibody and mouse engineering fields.  Previously he was a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator at Baylor College of Medicine (Houston, USA) where he built up one of the biggest transgenic mouse facilities in the USA and also spun out Lexicon Genetics, another successful pharmaceutical company based on mouse genetic technology.  Allan is a Fellow of the Royal Society.

Dr Thomas Weaver


Tom enjoys creating value in new projects, particularly early stage companies.  Previous experiences include being a founding scientist in Hexagen Genetics LTD (acquired by Incyte PLC), Geneservice Limited (acquired by Source Bioscience PLC), and Congenica LTD and Next Gen Diagnostics LLC (both still private).   He has more than 20 years of experience in technology development, specializing in genomic based research and drug discovery, as well as commercial expertise in building and managing multifunctional teams and developing business in the EU, USA and China. 

Previous academic and government science experience includes having been a Medical Research Council (MRC) Director in Oxford where he managed the UK’s largest mammalian genetic animal R&D infrastructure and was a founding member of the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC), and before that he set up and managed a national genomic service program (part of the MRC human genome project, Hinxton, UK).  He received his BSc in mathematics and biochemistry (University of Wisconsin, Madison), and a PhD in experimental oncology (McArdle Labs, University of Wisconsin Medical School) before moving to the UK where he carried out post-doctoral research at the MRC Lab for Molecular Biology and the University of Cambridge.

Jolyon Martin

Dr Jolyon Martin

Head of Product & Business Development

Jolyon undertook his PhD (Cambridge, UK) in Professor Bradley’s laboratory under his mentorship.  He led the research and operational teams that made an in vivo model for caninizing the mouse immune system.  This research includes the first complete annotation of all relevant canine genes that are the essential components necessary to generate fully functional antibodies. This mouse platform and know how associated with the research program undertaken at the Sanger Institute as part of Jolyon’s PhD forms the basis of the PetMedix technology.  Previously Jolyon ran business development for Simprints, a social enterprise start-up, and worked in operations at Horizon Discovery. He was named Cambridge University Entrepreneurs Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2017.

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